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Investigating Window Bittorrent

21/03/2023 Monday

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing software that allows users to share large files such as movies, music and so on over the internet. It works by breaking down large files into smaller pieces and distributing them across a network of users, known as a swarm. When a user wants to download a file, they connect to the swarm and start downloading and uploading pieces of the file to and from other users. This means that as more users join the swarm, the download speed can increase making it a faster and more efficient way of sharing large files compared to traditional methods.

Digital Forensics Value of Bittorrent

BitTorrent can be useful in digital forensics investigations related to intellectual property theft, cybercrime, data leakage, and network intrusion. Tracing the sources and destinations of files and examining the metadata can help in providing evidence and identifying individuals or groups involved in illegal activity.

Location of Bittorrent Artifacts

Bittorrent artifacts are found in the following location:

Analyzing Bittorrent with ArtiFast

This section will discuss how to use ArtiFast to extract Bittorrent from Windows and what kind of digital forensics insights we can gain from the artifacts.

After you have created your case and added evidence for the investigation, at the Artifact Selection phase, you can select Bittorrent artifacts.

Once ArtiFast parser plugins complete processing the artifact for analysis, it can be reviewed via “Artifact View” or “Timeline View,” with indexing, filtering, and searching capabilities. Below is a detailed description of Window Bittorrent artifacts in ArtiFast.

BitTorrent Added Torrents Artifact

BitTorrent Torrent Files Artifact

BitTorrent Connections Information Artifact

BitTorrent Added Torrents Backup Artifact

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