Cross-Platform Tool

ArtiFast is designed to work on the platform you prefer. Our engine supports a wide range of artifact types. ArtiFast can parse and analyze more than 2400 artifacts from different sources: Windows, macOS and Linux on PC's, and iOS and Android on mobile devices. Take evidence from any device and analyze it on your favorite platform, Windows, macOS or Linux.

Built with speed in mind

We know that investigators tasks take time to complete. Hence, we built ArtiFast to make digital forensics investigators spend less time on them, however more on finding the evidence. With our exclusive and powerful query language DQL, it takes only seconds to find what you are searching for, even if you are dealing with millions of records.

Organized Timeline

Don't get lost between screens. ArtiFast provides one organized timeline for all kinds of evidence with more normalized columns than other timeline tools. ArtiFast also provides advanced grid control, notes and coloring features to give digital forensics investigators ability to sort, group or bookmark any records based on their search criteria.

Forensafe's exclusive query language DQL is ready

ArtiFast provides powerful and fast searching and filtering thanks to Forensafe's DQL technology.

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ArtiFast is ready for all investigators to try

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